Pilates is more popular than it has ever been …

Celebs, professional athletes and people just looking to get in shape are turning to this amazing fitness method as their go to exercise.

Some of the devotees include David Beckham, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Secret Models all whom swear by both the physical and mental benefits of Pilates.

So.. Why should I be practising Pilates?

You can squeeze it into any gap in your day…

Although you will be working like a trojan in your Pilates session, you won’t leave class looking sweaty and spent so you can fit it into a busy lifestyle, be it a lunch break or picking up the kids from school!

It will develop your core strength safely and efficiently AND give you a killer mid section…

Bodycare_Plus-28Most “core specific” exercises like Sit Ups and Russian Twists are actually AWFUL for your spinal health and back pain… yep, thats right, we have been training our cores incorrectly for years. Studies have proven that the movement pattern used to perform a “sit up” is likely over a period of time to bring about back pain and potential disc herniation….

With this in mind, Pilates practically focuses on working the core WITHOUT compromising spinal health and aesthetically flattens your tummy and nips in your waist.

It’s great for your mental health…

Pilates is incredibly challenging and it requires a huge amount of mental focus, which is incredibly therapeutic! It develops strong neuro muscular connections, which studies have indicated can aid the prevention of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative disorders.

It’s amazing for Injury Prevention…

The core principles of Pilates encourage a focus on muscles which stabilise the pelvis, shoulders and spine. There is also a focus on maintaining a balanced posture. This protects joints and spines and will restore positive daily functional movement patterns and improve bio mechanics.

It will do wonders for your height…Bodycare_Plus-27
If, like me, you are vertically challenged (aka 5 ft 2) you need all the help you can get in the height department! Pilates encourages great posture, you’ll stand up straighter. Amazing posture makes us feel more positive and keeps us balanced and youthful.

You don’t need to bend like a circus performer…

The very nature of Pilates means it can be modified to suit any age, ability or injuries. It can be adjusted to suit professional athletes or people rehabbing post surgery and everyone in between.

You can do it ANYWHERE…
Pialtes Power StanceThe essential principles of Pilates:- Control, Precision, Flow, Concentration, Centering and Breathing require little to no specific equipment. All you need is a tiny space and a mat. It is also an amazing complimentary style of workout to the gym. Working on specific postural and core muscles will only improve athletic performance across the board!

You can do it FOREVER…

Once you experience the physical and mental benefits of Pilates practice, you will be hooked.
It’s a lifelong practice. Pilates is safe, effective and appropriate for any age or ability. It supports the skeletal system and protects the joints whilst effectively preserving flexibility.
It’s some time for you…

Developing a strong mind-body relationship in a quiet space is therapeutic, amazing for managing the stress of daily life and can inspire a positive mental attitude.

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By Kirsty WatlingBodycare_Plus-139
Personal Trainer and Rehabilitation Expert.

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