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Sports Massage in Ipswich at Body Care Plus

If you are thinking of getting a Sports Massage in Ipswich, Body Care Plus is the best place in town to enjoy deep tissue Sports Massage with one of our expert, experienced Sports Massage Therapists.

Here are our 5 main reasons to get in touch and book your treatment today!

Top 5 Reasons to get a Sports Massage.

Why EVERYONE could benefit from a Sports Massage…

People are often frightened of the idea of a Sports Massage. “It will be really tough… They really hurt!” That type of massage is only for professional athletes and hard core gymmers…

This could not be further from the truth, Sports Massage is amazing method of keeping your body in tip top condition whether you exercise or don’t!

So, What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

Pain Reduction

Tension and waste products in muscles can often be the culprits for pain. Sports Massage is an effective method of eliminating these problems, compounded by the release of endorphins you will experience post massage, it is great for easing pain.

Sports Massage in Ipswich at Body Care Plus is such a helpful method/ technique to maximise recovery and reduce pain and our excellent Sports Massage Therapists are fantastic at getting to the root cause of your discomfort and delivering an effective massage.

Sports Massage in Ipswich

Sports Massage in Ipswich- Body Care Plus

Alleviate Joint and Muscle Pain and Stiffness

Making this the perfect therapy after an intense workout, a long day at the office, a journey slouched over the wheel of a car or a specific sports event.

The pumping and squeezing action of massage will encourage blood and lymph flow throughout the body, encouraging better oxygenation, alleviating pain and stiffness and decreasing muscular fatigue.

Improved Sleep 

Relaxing massage boosts serotonin ( which helps us relax and regulates sleep) and has an instantaneous soothing effect, amazing for those who suffer with insomnia and anxiety. Schedule your treatment for as late as possible in the day to help optimise the calming, sleepy benefits…

Improved Mobility and Flexibility

Sports Massage in Ipswich at BCP is incredibly effective at improving range of movement in specific areas. It can help break down adhesions, reduce scar tissue and improve pain and dysfunction. If you spend lots of your life hunched over a desk, sedentary habits can lead to muscular imbalances, particularly in the neck, hip flexors and pectoral muscles. This type of massage is particularly effective at improving headaches, back health and general posture, reducing discomfort from working too hard in the office!

Assist with establishing better movement patterns

Sports Massage in Ipswich

Sports Massage in Ipswich at Body Care

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage, alongside corrective exercise is a phenomenal way to establish  more efficient, optimal movement patterns. At Body Care Plus, our therapists will communicate with our rehab experts, trainers and coaches to ensure you are being prescribed the right type of activity/ specific exercises to manage your injury/ pain. The blend of soft tissue therapy and exercise is a positive, pro active method to accelerate recovery and improve your movement patterns so you are less likely to have recurring issues.

Touch Heals 

The power of positive touch has endured throughout the ages. Massage has been used to heal for thousands of years, methods don’t endure centuries by accident!

Calming an angry/ inflamed area with soothing massage is a fantastic way to quieten the Central Nervous System and establish a more relaxed environment, which can help allow an injury or problem to improve without stress and anxiety. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a relaxed environment to assist with improving physical and mental ailments.  Sports Massage can help you feel more positive and those with an optimistic outlook tend to fair better with managing pain and injury.

Sports Massage in Ipswich with Jasmine

Sports Massage in Ipswich

A Sports Massage treatment generally comprises of a a blend of techniques including Myofascial Release, Cupping and Trigger Point Dry Needling where useful, to deliver a relaxing yet focused experience.

Our experienced  Sports Massage Therapists will help build confidence, faith and trust in your body in a positive environment, arming you with the skillset to manage your pain and injuries. We strive to educate you to understand how and what you can do to self manage your pain or injury, maximising the effectiveness of your therapy, accelerating progress, so you don’t always have to come back and see us… unless you want to!

For Sports Massage in Ipswich, there is no better place to come!

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Sports Massage in Ipswich

Sports Massage in Ipswich at Body Care plus