We live in the age of the fitness blogger and the instagram fitness celeb. Everybody seems to be drinking milk alternatives, going on yoga retreats and trying to “out fit” one another. How can you adopt and embrace a healthy life style without becoming obsessed?

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The key to finding a happy fitness balance, which nourishes your body and brain is to stay motivated, avoid dangerously strict diets and find a style of exercise which is varied and gives you pleasure!

Don’t let healthy habits become detrimental to your health and allow yourself the odd treat. It’s important to exercise, eat right, live well and allow yourself some rest and recovery time too. Learning to listen to your body is the key to achieving a happy body.


1-What is your end goal..?

Find your exercise purpose.. be it running 5 kilometres or achieving 10 push ups! This is measurable and will keep you on schedule.

2- Prepare..

Don’t just free ball it, you will most probably end up doing the same stale workouts every time. Have a clear purpose and plan for each session!

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3- Baby steps folks…

“ I am going to run a marathon..” If you have never jogged around the block, this could be an overwhelming, demotivating goal. Start small and steady, incremental progress increases the chance of you being injury free and progress will occur over a sustainable period of time, maximising physiological improvements.

4- Keep switching it up…

Keeping your body on it’s toes by regularly changing up your workouts, will fuel progress and keep your mind stimulated to stave off boredom.

5- Rest Up…

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Sleep, relax and allow your body to repair between workouts. This will ensure you remain energised and enthusiastic.

6- Put down the bottle…

Hangovers are the ruination of positive routine. Try and have at least 5 booze free days per week to establish positive routines, better sleep and sharper metabolisms.


7- Be proud you are fit and active…

Don’t allow negative behaviour from your friends and family to derail you. You are in charge of your own destiny and success. Enjoy how much more capable your mind and body have become, embrace and enjoy it!


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