Bespoke One to One Personal Training Sessions

Are you intimidated by a gym environment and would rather train in private?
Do you need that extra motivation to drag you away from the TV or are you unsure of how you can reach your goals?
If this sounds like you, we have the solution with our one to one personal training sessions. If you would prefer to work out with a friend or two, we can also cater for small groups or families.

What is Personal Training and our approach to it?

Your personal and private PT sessions will take place in our fully equipped, state of the art studio situated in the centre of Ipswich. What’s more you can choose the programme that suits you, as you could opt to purchase individual sessions or packages without any monthly fees. We have showering and changing facilities and offer a towel service.

We are extremely flexible and can arrange sessions around busy schedules to ensure you continue to make progress towards your goals!

  • £25 per session- 30 minutes
  • £40 per session-60 minutes
  • £350 for a block 0f x 10 PT sessions
  • £375 for x10 Mixed Pack of Pilates Reformer and Personal Training

We also offer small group training to maximise your results whilst sharing the cost!




Benefits of Personal Training

The benefits of Personal Training are limitless. You’d be amazed what a personal trainer who understands your requirements can achieve both on the inside and outside. Our highly qualified personal trainers help you to reach and exceed your goals and wildest dreams.

One thing’s for sure – train in private… feel great in public..

We would love to help you achieve your health and body goals.

  • Fat Loss
  • Hypertrophy (Building Muscle)
  • Back Pain and Injury Rehabilitation
  • Sports Specific Training and Athletic Development
  • Pilates and Private Reformer Pilates

Here are some ideas for an upper body workout which will help build strength and stamina in the arms.