Everyone loves Christmas and temptation never seems too far away…

If you have allowed your healthy habits to slide a little over the fabulous festive period, Don’t worry, These easy steps will help you kick your own and January’s butt!


STOP feeling guilty…

You ate it, you drank it, move on and don’t worry about it.

Drop the guilt and move forward with a positive mindset and routine. Wallowing solves absolutely nothing.


Set realistic, specific goals…

öz güven“This year I am going to lose a stone and get really fit!” This type of vague target setting rarely leads you down the path to success.

Decide exactly what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it…

“I am going to run 5 kilometers and fit into my favourite jeans by the 1st of March”

Specific, measurable goal setting will keep you on schedule. Write them down and hold yourself accountable to YOU when your motivation starts to wane.


How important is it to you…?

I have had countless conversations with my clients over the years about “WHY” losing 5 lbs or dropping a dress size is important to them.

Work out your “why”, be it self confidence, being fitter to play football with your kids or strong enough to grab life by the scruff of the neck, you will then find it so much easier to stick to the plan which will help you achieve it.


Buy yourself some super work out clothes…

Flat lay shot of woman's sport accessories. Leggins, sneakers, earphones, phone and top. Ready to do some workout.

Committing some cash to a new outfit will put you in the right frame of mind to keep exercising long after January. It will also boost your self confidence, knowing you are being supported, lifted and sculpted in all the right places throughout the work out.


Invest in training…

This does not necessarily mean join a gym. Recognise your personality type, if you know you will probably only attend once or twice throughout the first quarter, that is going to be one expensive swim and gym!Bodycare_Plus-27

Invest your time in learning. The internet has a wealth of free information, exercise plans and tools so you can arm yourself with the right information to achieve your health goals. Not everyone enjoys the same type of exercise, if you like something, you are much more likely to stick to it, so there may be an element of trial and error before you find your perfect exercise match. Don’t give up if you don’t totally fall in love with the first method you try.

Bodycare_Plus-131You could also invest in a Personal Trainer or a group exercise class. PT’s will help keep you accountable and on the straight and narrow until you have established enough positive habits to go it alone successfully. I would always recommend 12 weeks with a trainer, it will help keep you safe and teach you about smart training with a focus on form, for maximum effectiveness and to help prevent injuries which could thwart your enthusiasm. Most trainers are happy for you to buddy up, so you can spread the cost with a pal.


Have a cupboard clear out…

We all buy foods over the festive period which we wouldn’t dream of at any other time of the year. Be ruthless with your clear out. You don’t need bags of chocolate coins and Lindt bears derailing you, nor do you need the last case of fizz tempting you. It is much easier to talk yourself out of the planned morning Spin class with a hang over. Off load all the extras onto any grateful recipients (of which I am sure there will be many) and give yourself the best chance at success. Out of sight, out of mind.

Champagne Glasses and Bottles

If you eliminate all those little additional, extra calories, it is amazing how quickly you will notice an improvement in energy levels, mood and waist line.

Don’t panic, exercise self control and discipline, keep yourself accountable and feel fit and fantastic this 2018.




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Bodycare_Plus-139By Kirsty Watling
Personal Trainer, Pilates Coach and Injury Rehabilitation Expert.

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