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‘For every arch, every smile and even the occasional furrow, reveal true beauty of each expression with brows tailored perfectly to you.’


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What is it?


Brow By Mii is a professional, salon eyebrow service which includes shaping, tinting and styling the brows to suit your features. It will enhance your natural beauty and create a shape that is flattering for you.



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What does the treatment involve?

The professional treatment includes an in depth consultation measuring the perfect points of the brows, tinting and waxing/threading. The treatment is finished by using Mii cosmetics 100% mineral powder, brow pencil, concealer, highlighter and brow gel to complete your new look! As well as talking you through the after care, we advise you how to carry on maintaining your brows at home.

The tint is used to enhance and define the brows (one of the strongest tints on the market) it is applied with a specialist applicator for extra precision. The tint comes in a range of versatile colours, giving you a very natural and long lasting finish.



Will i achieve my ideal brows after one treatment?


It depends entirely on your natural eyebrows and the look you are wanting to achieve.  Some brows will require a growing in period between appointments and may take a couple of treatments to reach their full potential.


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Do i need to do anything prior to the treatment?


It is required to have a patch test 48 hours before your appointment. We recommend to try and leave your eyebrows for around 1-2 weeks before having the treatment to achieve the best results.


How long does the treatment take?

45 minutes



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How much does it cost? 



How often will i need to have the treatment?


This varies for everyone but to keep them looking at their best, around 3-6 weeks.



Keep your brows looking great after your treatment with these fantastic Mii home products…


Mii Statement Brow Kit – £16.95

(available in fair, medium or dark)

Mii Precision Brow Detailer – £12.50

(available in fair, medium or dark)

Mii Finishing Brow Gel – £11.95


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