Dust off your trainers girls and get active to help navigate your way through the menopause…

So why bother with fitness during menopause?

 The aesthetic and mental benefits  of staying active throughout menopause are extensive and include:-
  • Preventing weight gain. Menopause-muscles
  • Can help improve the quality of sleep.
  • Reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Strengthening bones.
  • Reducing the risk of other diseases.
  • Boosting your mood.


There are plenty of things you can do to help yourself. Evidence suggests that women who exercise regularly throughout the menopause experience fewer symptoms, particularly hot flushes and night sweats.

Declining oestrogen levels will contribute to reductions in muscle mass, weaker bones and elevated body fat, particularly around the hips and tummy. However, this is no excuse to role over and accept it.

Boost your body for the best…

What can I do to help myself?

Train with weights…

Resistance TrainingResistance training boosts sludgy metabolisms making the body super efficient. It will help drive down body fat, increase muscle mass and will also improve bone density helping stave off osteoporosis. So squats, lunges, push ups and rowing movements are the order of the day ladies!

Add brisk walking to your exercise routine…

For those who have been addicted to spin or swimming pre menopause, of course keep these activities in your gym sessions, however, weight bearing activities like hiking or power walking will help ward off osteoporosis. Studies have shown that walking at a rapid rate 3/4 times per week resulted in a significant reduction in hip fractures.

Ditch the booze…

Alcohol and other stimulants can seem like a great idea at the time, BUT booze, especially at night can kickstart hot flushes and night sweats. Try to limit alcohol/caffeine intake to ease these symptoms.

Eat more fats and protein…

Contrary to popular belief, fats will help regulate hormones, improve the quality of skin, hair and nails.

As oestrogen levels decline, your body will struggle to maintain muscle. Keeping protein intake high will protect against muscular atrophy. Eggs, steak and salmon are all great food choices to maintain a healthy body fat, boost immunity and health.

Processed carbs like pasta or bread will wreak havoc with blood sugar levels and can leave you feeling moody, tired and just plain hungry.

Exercise enhances your mood…

Feeling low and tired? Regular exercises can improve cognitive function, enhance mood and promote daytime alertness and nocturnal sleepiness. Exercise can increase endorphin levels which are the bodies’ natural pain relievers.

Improves balance, coordination and reduces the risk of falling…pilates-intro

Co ordination and balance can deteriorate during and after the menopause. Pilates is a great option to help manage these concerns, whilst also improving pelvic floor, posture, core control and stability. The gentle nature of Pilates is also great for releasing endorphins and promoting relaxation. If you are new to exercise, it is a great style to kick start your routine.

Seek help from a professional…

Seeking help from a qualified, experienced Personal Trainer could transform how you feel.  Learning the types of exercise that are most appropriate for your concerns will give you the tools to help ease you through the menopause.


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