Ditch the booze and up the greens to breeze your way into your skinny jeans…

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Kick to the curb…


I know, amazing for kicking your butt in the mornings, BUT disruptive with sleep cycles and totally addictive, put the coffee down folks!Coffee

Refined Sugars

Nope, not the type you find in blueberries and bananas but addictive, refined sugars like coca cola which leave you feeling tired and grouchy. If you can’t resist a sweet treat, opt for local, raw honey and try to wean yourself off over time.


Packed full of secret sugars, alcohol will slow down your metabolism, disrupt sleep patterns and can elevate stress hormones. Ditch the booze for two weeks as an exercise of self control and see the difference it makes to your waistline.

doughnut-1023029-m-1Food that has been tampered with.

Processed foods which have gone through various processes and stages before they make it to your plate are to be avoided at all costs. Instead opt for fresh and natural foods to maximise the absorption of nutrients.




Load up on…


The perfect, complete meal. Packed full of vitamin B12, good fats and protein, studies show people who eat eggs for brekkie tend to have a lower body fat!Egg


These fresh little green super heroes are packed with nutrients and fibre. They are basically free calories so load up on a portion of kale, asparagus,  tender stem and spinach with every meal.

SalmonWild Fish

Omega 3 rich fish like wild salmon and mackerel will nourish your organs, skin and hair and boost brain function.

Organic Meat

Meat gets a tough time but eating protein rich organic, local, grass fed quality meat will build muscle, improve recovery and satiate you.


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