christmas-treeIt’s started. It’s hidden behind the pumpkins, behind the Halloween sweets and scary costumes. Waiting to pounce on the shelf space as soon as November 1st rolls on us! That’s it, you’ve got it… I’m talking about Christmas!

Firstly, I must apologise for talking about Christmas in October. I am a firm believer that Christmas should really wait until at least mid-November before it starts to creep out of hibernation. However, I have good reason for talking about it in October and have your best interests in mind, I promise!

Did you know that studies have found that the average British person eats up to 6,000 Calories on Christmas day! That’s a lot right? Nearly three days’ worth of calories in fact!christmas-dinner

To give you an idea of how much excess energy that is you would need to do 6 Hours and 40 minutes of burpees to offset the additional calories, which really sounds horrendous and would make for a terrible boxing day.

Not only is there the big day itself, but you can’t forget about the company Christmas meal, boozy nights out catching up with friends and the various snacks and treats that find themselves in the kitchen at home and at the office throughout December (personally I can’t resist a Terry’s chocolate orange or mint matchmaker). As you can imagine this all adds up to a lot of excess calories, and we all know what excess calories mean, weight gain. I don’t imagine that additional body weight is on many peoples Christmas lists this year but i have submitted a Freedom of Information to the North Pole to get the facts.

There has been a lot of research into how much weight people put on over Christmas and depending on which papers you read will also depend on the answer, from the ones I’ve looked at, it seems anywhere between 2lbs – 10lbs is considered average. Now, while all the studies may give different figures on how much weight is actually gained, they all agree that the majority of people will put on some weight over the festive period.

This is obviously a major factor in why the fitness industry booms in January as people get to grips with reversing the damage that all those mince pies have done. This brings me back to why I am talking about this so early, why wait till January to undo the festivities? Why not make a pre-emptive strike and limit the amount of weight you are likely to put on over Christmas? If you do you’ll be laughing come January when all the crowds flood the gyms!


Here are 3 reasons why a pre-emptive strike is a good idea……



personal-training-01If you start to train now, your body composition will change in the lead up to Christmas. You will already be shedding fat prior to the big indulgences and you will also build lean muscle. Muscle is the fat burners best friend, not only does it mean that day to day you will be burning more calories just by existing, it also means that your body will burn more calories when you are working out, making your training time more efficient!


By the time Christmas comes you will have made your body more effective at burning fat, your metabolism will be boosted and you will be fitter and healthier. If you do end up adding any additional pounds, they will be much easier and quicker to deal with because you will already have the fitness and strength required to burn them off. There’s nothing worse than getting to a stage where you want to shed a few pounds but realise that your fitness is not where it needs to be to work hard enough to do the job. This is a big set back as you need to improve your fitness first before being able to target the weight loss!personal-training-02


By starting this journey early and putting all this work in before December even gets here your morale is going to be enhanced, which means your discipline will be greater. If you can win a few of the smaller battles, say no to the second mince pie or Cadbury Hero it will have a dramatic effect on the overall war on excess calories!



By starting early you will also look your best for all of those events that we are working hard to counteract!


So there you go, that’s my advice on how to deal with overeating at Christmas! If you are unsure where to start your training or need some guidance or support on your nutrition please get in touch and we can get you going on your journey!



Written By Mike Wilson,Body Care Plus Logo

Personal Trainer,

Body Care Plus,


01473 211996