Why go bare…?

Waxing is an extremely effective form of hair removal, rather than removing hair at the skins surface, waxing removes the hair at the root. This technique allows you to enjoy weeks of smooth, soft skin rather than just a few days.


How will the hair grow back…?

Not only does waxing help you stay smoother for longer, it also weakens the hair follicle, resulting in finer hair regrowth and in some cases, preventing hair growth altogether!


How long does it last…?

Generally the hair will start to return within 3/4 weeks after waxing and regular maintenance appointments are recommended every 4-6 weeks. Individual hair growth and the seasons can cause this to vary slightly.


How long does the hair need to be…?

The ideal length is around 1 cm, if you are unsure if the hair is long enough, one of our experienced beauty therapists will be able to check and advise when to book in the treatment.


What is a Brazilian…?

A Brazilian waxing service removes all unwanted hair from the front and back of the intimate area, leaving a small strip at the front.


What is a Hollywood…?

A Hollywood wax removes ALL unwanted hair from the front and back of the intimate area.


Why choose Perron Rigot…?

At Bespoke Beauty Rooms, we use Perron Rigot, a top quality, high performance wax. They are an industry leader in developing low temperature and non- strip (soft) wax.


Is waxing appropriate for men…?

Waxing for men is on the increase and although it may not be a top conversation in the local pub with the lads, less of you are shy about getting rid of that unwanted hair.

Your first time?

Panic not… our experienced therapists are highly trained to make sure your experience is a smooth one.

The most popular areas for mens waxing is the chest and back region, trust us, give it a go and you won’t be disappointed!


Waxing for Optimum Sports Performance…?

Waxing is the preferred method of hair removal for many athletes, swimmers, triathletes, cyclists, gymnasts and runners all attempting to gain a competitive edge where every millisecond counts, bare bodies are arguably more aero/ hydrodynamic! Being hair free will help with wound healing should you fall and get road rash and hair free areas are also easier to massage, so a recovery treatment becomes more effective.


Shaving V Waxing…?

Shaving doesn’t stand a chance in the ring…

Shaving removes the hair from the surface of the skin, which means 24 hours later you will be back in the bath tub, slathered in shaving cream with your rookie razor!

Waxing is the heavy weight in this match up, giving you smooth skin and long lasting hair removal from the root, not to mention doesn’t leave nasty nicks and rashes.


Pop in and see one of our highly experienced therapists to discuss any questions you may have regarding your hair removal needs, once you have had wax, you will never go back!


We are now proud to offer “Waxing Wednesday”, 10 % OFF any wax treatment every Wednesday (excluding the waxathon package), so take advantage of our weekly discount and dare to bare…


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