H.I.I.T (High intensity interval training) will help you burn fat faster…

You get more bang for your buck… alternating short periods of high intensity exercises with minimal rest will boost your metabolism and keep your tearing through calories for hours after your work out is over.

This super efficient style taking the fitness industry by storm is the perfect solution for busy people who want to maximise results with minimum time!


So, what is all the fuss about…?

You will keep burning calories for hours after your workout.

Bursts of increased intensity will boost the calories burned within a work out and will continue to do so for hours post exercise making it uber efficient.

Chances are you will stick at it!

H.I.I.T is fun.

Tough but rewarding. Knowing you can achieve optimal results in 15 minutes will keep you on track!

It boosts heart health and cardio-vascular endurance.

If you are looking to boost your PB in an endurance sport, throwing in some H.I.I.T training is a sure fire way to shave seconds off your times. H.I.I.T training will boost your endurance (whilst placing your joints under less stress), which will carry over to improvements in other disciplines.  Studies have also showed it also increases the flexibility and elasticity of your arteries and veins MORE than continuous aerobic exercise.

Short on time? It will cut your work out in half!HIIT 2

Science has proven that you will get more results from a H.I.I.T session in half the time you would churning out a lower intensity, longer duration exercise. With this in mind, you are saving your joints from the repetitive stress of pounding the pavement, whilst maximising fat loss and improved aerobic function.

Mix it up…

The options are endless… bike sprints, hill sprints, boxing, resistance circuits or battle ropes are all great options for your H.I.I.T  workouts. Studies show that switching up your choices of exercise will optimise results.

You can do it ANYWHERE with NO EQUIPMENT…!

High knees, jumps, sprints, body weight resistance exercises can all be performed at home without investing in any pricey kit. Ramp up the heart rate and drive down body fat at home, in the park, just  remember that  intensity drives results and H.I.I.T can be done anywhere, anytime!

Super efficient, High Intensity Interval Training is perfect for the time poor with a busy schedule. Research showing that more progress can be achieved in x 3 15 minute blasts per week than an hour slogging on the treadmill.

We are excited to launch our H.I.I.T class at Body Care Plus,

Thursday at 6 p.m- 7 p.m- £10 drop in or £50 for 6 classes!

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By Kirsty Watling,


Personal Trainer and Injury Rehabilitation Expert.

17 Fore Street,



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