8 reasons why everyone needs to experience the physical and mental uplifting benefits of Pilates…


absIt’s amazing for your abdominals..

Pilates smashes your core and strengthens your back whilst addressing muscular imbalances which can lead to pain and discomfort.

It will help develop the muscles which lead to a flatter, more toned tum!


It will help ease back pain…

A strong back is a healthy back. Studies have indicated Pilates is the safest and most effective long term method of exercise for those who suffer with persistent and chronic lower back pain. backpain2


It is easy on your joints…

Developing strength and stability around your joints is amazing for minimising joint pain. It stimulates a positive response in your muscles and metabolism without aggravating joints. The padding on a Pilates reformer machine takes the stress out of your back and knees, making it safe and effective for any ability and age.


It develops mental focus…
Pilates allows you to focus on how the breath and the body move in harmony. It takes a huge amount of mental focus and concentration to coordinate these two elements. Focusing on these challenges push all other mental stresses and strains out of your mind and chances are, puts you in a better frame of mind to problem solve after your workout!


It can help with child birth…

Pilates helps women feel a strong connection with the pelvic floor ensuring it is both strong and flexible. Stronger abdominals and pelvic floor will help the body return to it’s pre baby state more quickly and will prevent incontinence.


It will improve and boost athletic and sports performance…

balletFocus, Breath, Control, Balance and Strength. These are all transferrable Pilates skills which contribute and compliment any athletic performance programme. A stronger core will help you run faster, lift heavier and be more responsive. Private Reformer Pilates is particularly useful for developing sports specific skills.

It improves flexibility…

Flexibility without strength can do more harm than good. Pilates develops both strength and flexibility in equal measures, which stabilises joints and creates balance between muscle groups. A supervised stretching routine is important to ensure you are executing the stretches correctly which are surprisingly easy to get horribly wrong!


It will boost brain power…
Joseph Pilates was a pioneer and he referred to his method of corrective, rehabilitation exercises as the thinking man’s exercise. Studies have indicated that the ideology of Pilates with reference to focus and coordination boosts cognitive function and improved neural network activity.


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