Bodycare_Plus-65If you were thinking massage is all about Patchouli and Peruvian Pan Pipe music, think again. A staple treatment for elite athletes across a wealth of sports from Golf, Running, Rugby, Cycling, American Football and Swimming, to Cross Fit and those stuck behind a desk, the benefits of massage to help relieve pain, improve performance, reduce stress, accelerate recovery and promote relaxation are undeniable.

What do you want your massage to do for you?

You want to maximise recovery to get more out of your training regime.

Sports Massage is an amazing tool for recovery post workout/ exercise. It improves circulation which brings about a chain of positive physiological benefits in your body aiding with muscle reparation, which means you can get back in the gym or on the field faster. Perfect for a variety of athletes or gym enthusiasts cycling their training regimes. To get the most out of a Sports Massage, consistency is king, so aim to see your therapist ideally a couple of times per month and schedule it for during your rest day.Bodycare_Plus-70


You want to improve mobility and flexibility.

Deep Tissue or Myofascial release is incredibly effective for improving range of movement in specific areas. It breaks up adhesions and can help reduce scar tissue, pain and dysfunction. The average desk worker spends over 30 hours per week hunched over a keyboard. This seated inactivity creates muscular imbalances and can cause tightness,  mainly in the hip flexors and pectoral muscles. This type of massage can free up stiffness decreasing the stress on the lumbar spine, improving back health and general posture. The positive effects can be felt from the very firs treatment but for long term, effective relief, regular treatments are recommended.

If you went for one run or bike ride, you realistically wouldn’t expect to lose 10 lbs. Deep tissue and Sports Massage works in a similar way, being consistent with treatments to improve old habits and postural imbalances will bring about a positive change and you can generally taper the frequency of treatment as you improve and become more aware of those problem movement patterns!


You just need to chill out!bN S

21st century living is stressful. We are all so busy and never find time to do something positive to help promote a sense of relaxation and well-being within ourselves. Cortisol, the stress hormone can weaken the immune system and elevate blood pressure. Relaxing massage boosts serotonin ( which helps us relax and regulates sleep) and has an instantaneous soothing effect, amazing for those who suffer with insomnia and anxiety.  Try to organise your massage as late as you can in the day to help send you off to sleep relaxed and content.

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