5 Reasons to See you at the Barre…

It is a highly effective regime which takes place at a ballet barre and comprises of high repetition body weight exercises derived from ballet to create long, lean bodies and a perky derrière.

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Trust us, you will “feel the burn” and at moments will be contemplating the impossibility of completing another grand plié, but the results are phenomenal. Toned pins, super arms and abs and massive strength gains are the order of the day.


5 Benefits which will keep you coming back to the Barre…


1- Strength and Definition.

You will work your muscles to the real edge of their capability. By strengthening muscles which are often underdeveloped and underused, you will create amazing definition and strength.


2- Endurance.

A barre class includes different sequences mainly comprising of isometric contractions. We move, we pulse, we hold, until your legs feel like jelly, don’t be surprised if you get a serious case of the shakes! This will boost stamina and endurance.


3- Flexibility.

Don’t be put off if you aren’t super bendy. You don’t need masses of flexibility to practice barre. The amount of movements which encourage mobility and flexibility will improve range of movement and joint stability. It will help improve daily movement quality and can help reduce back pain and muscular stiffness.


4- Posture.

Arnie BarreBarre class will develop the muscles in the upper back and because the class focus’ on holding yourself tall like a Ballet pro, it will encourage happier, natural movement patterns and posture when you are not at the barre, minimising joint stress and muscular tension.


5- Mind- Body connection.

Like in Pilates, Barre class encourages you to connect with your muscles and really consider what you are asking your body to achieve. Focusing your thoughts in harmony with your movements is incredibly relaxing and therapeutic.

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