So here is a fact I have anecdotally monitored over the years…
Not everyone LOVES exercise, not everyone jumps out of bed in the morning and thinks, I really want to go for a run, or that spin class has got my name on it…success
For some people, it is about as enjoyable as being whacked over the head with a frying pan (You are not alone).
On the other hand, I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t love the way exercise makes them feel, the confidence it gives them and the physical improvements it inspires.
This new year, turn your “I hate exercise” mantra into a positive and take control back, call in reinforcements, call a Personal Trainer.
Sticking with a PT for 12 short weeks will honestly change the relationship you have with exercise, educate you and give you tools for success not only with exercise but life!

How can it help me…?

1.Make the Appointment…

Making an appointment, like any other in your diary means you have committed. The idea of cancelling an appointment feels most of us with dread.

I know, I can talk myself out of just about anything if I am not letting anyone else down, if I have a firm commitment, I WILL turn up. FULL STOP…Resistance Training

Make a booking. Show up. Easy!

2. You don’t have to decide what to do…

By the time you have pottered/ procrastinated your way around the gym, you could have probably smashed your effective workout, stretched and showered. The structure a Personal Training session provides eliminates the faff. Don’t be overwhelmed and indecisive. We will do all the thinking, planning, organising for you. All that is requires is you attend.. !

3. Accountability (My Personal Favourite!) 

PT’s keep their lovely clients accountable. Not in a scary, shouty, I will chastise you for picking up a sandwich kind of way! You know if you have been naughty… having to explain this to someone else more often than not, stops you straying in the first place.

doughnut-1023029-m-1The occasional indulgence is healthy, however, a cheerful reminder you can’t out train a bed diet is never a bad thing!

4. A training buddy is the best…

Someone to share your triumphs, motivate you when you can’t be bothered, pick you up when you feel low and refocus you when there has been a lapse in enthusiasm.

There will be moments when you may want to whack us around the head with a frying pan BUT it will be worth it for the end success.Bodycare Plus (32)

There is no singular greater pleasure than helping someone achieve their goals. We are blessed and lucky to be in a position to empower people to take control of their heath.  There may be bumps along the way but trust me, you won’t regret the decision!

Yes, It may be slightly pricier option, but invest in yourself, your long term health and your fitness education to develop a healthy relationship with health. PERIOD!

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